Latest update: October 25, 2004


Property management


Trinity College owns the North and South House Buildings, and the Gardens, and is responsible for building maintenance, mechanical/electrical systems, garden upkeep and snow removal. If you require re-wiring, renovations, garden access etc. please contact Trinity College at


Trinity College will also perform selected property management requests by work order, on a cost recovery basis, however, most property management services are now provided by Facilities and Services, University of Toronto. You can file Trinity College work orders in with Penny at Reception.


Our University of Toronto F&S property manager is Ted Kent, [, 416-946-8660]. Please see their website for information on the services provided, and on how to process a work order:


Door openings


Trinity College owns and services the Gardens and the cloister. Trinity will open the main gates to the garden & cloister each weekday at 7AM and on weekends in accordance with Trinity College Library opening.


Please read the following carefully:




If the gate or cloister entrance is not open: call the Trinity porter at 978-2522, EXTENSION 2011. Ask for the TRINITY porter to come and unlock the gate/cloister.


If the building doors are not open: F&S is responsible for opening the main doors to North and South House this is done at approximately 7:30AM each day, with doors locked at 6PM each week day. If the main doors are not opened in accordance with this schedule, you can contact Maria DaSilva at 416-676-1454 (after 6:30AM). When doors are locked you may still exit the building through the main doors by pushing the side paddle.



Trinity College and F&S have access to the on-line Campbell Facility events calendar and are to adjust the opening/closing times in accordance with that calendar.


108/208 off hour main door openings:


Senior Administrators: you may sign out a main door key with Penny if you will be onsite for the event.


All other MCIS internals: contact Andy Allen at 978-6513 at least 10 days in advance.


All externals: require Front-of-House.



Note that in the summer, the Library is closed on weekends and therefore the gates and cloister will be locked. If you need them opened for an event, please contact Geoff Seaborn with exact instructions, at or 978-3058.


Pest and Animal control


Contact Jim Stanley at (978-8970).


For emergency pest control please contact 8-3000 first OR 978-2323 (Police emergency number that will dispatch the on-call mechanic).