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April 2014

Monday April 21
Delhi and Capitalism: What an Emerging-World Megalopolis Can Teach Us about the Future of the World
Monday April 21
Governance and Finance of Metropolitan Areas in Federal Systems
Tuesday April 22
Andrea Dworkin’s Queer Friendships: Anti-pornography Feminism and the Problem of Sexual Reputation
Wednesday April 23
Does the European Welfare State have a future?
Wednesday April 23
Ecology and the Politics of the Future in the 1970s
Thursday April 24
Perception, Experience, and Imagining of Sacred Landscapes: A Spatial Analysis of the Pilgrimage Routes of Medieval Vijayanagara
Thursday April 24
The Infrastructure Funding Gap: How Are Municipalities Managing?
Registration Full
Thursday April 24
2014 Gelber Prize Award Ceremony
Friday April 25
The Liberal Order in a Post-Western World: A Report by the German Marshall Fund
Monday April 28
"Gandhi before India": Ramachandra Guha Book Launch
Wednesday April 30
Rethinking “the Confucian Transformation” Thesis: Household Registration and Women Householders in the Late Chosŏn Period

May 2014

Registration Full
Thursday May 01
The Past Before Us: The Past Before Us : Historical Traditions and Practices in Early Times
Friday May 02
Globalizing Archipelago The Galapagos Islands
Thursday May 08
Death & War: Sigmund Freud, Bertrand Russell, and Romain Rolland Confront the First World War
Friday May 16 - Saturday May 17
8th Tamil Studies Conference / In Many Worlds: Kudi/Kudiyurimai, Belonging, and Citizenship in the Tamil Imaginary
Tuesday May 20
Cooperation, Coordination, and Competition: The Mechanics of Formalizing Inter-Municipal Agreements in Canada
Wednesday May 21
Of Unknown Histories and Small Archives: The Fragility of Women's Lives & Screening - "A Quiet Little Entry"
Friday May 23
Radical Texts & Political Acts: Forty Years of Reading Margaret Randall
Wednesday May 28

June 2014

Thursday June 12
Becoming a Better Leader - Strengths Based Leadership for Lawyers

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